On a sunny terrace, in a flower garden or on the rooftops of Paris, Fleuron's journal can be leafed through, read, explored or browsed guided by an overflowing curiosity, between two moments of life...

Précommandez le sac Hortensia dès maintenant - Fleuron Paris

Pre-order the Hortensia bag now

The Hortensia bag is not simply an accessory, it is an invitation to a poetic journey, an exquisite reminder of the flower which delicately evokes grace incarnate. By diving into...
September 16, 2023 Read the page
Pause Estivale - Fleuron Paris

Summer break

The beautiful summer days are here, and it is with joy that we announce our summer break to recharge our batteries. Our store will be closed from August 8 to...
July 29, 2023 Read the page
Deux années après sa création, où en est Fleuron Paris ? - Fleuron Paris

Two years after its creation, where is Fleuron Paris?

Fleuron's original idea, two years earlier, was to create a committed slow fashion house, for which sustainability and quality had to be at the heart of its approach. More than...
January 05, 2023 Read the page
Fleuron lance sa première collection d’accessoires en soie made in France - Fleuron Paris

Fleuron launches its first collection of silk accessories made in France

The world of botany is full of infinite colors and shapes. It is among the wonders of nature that Fleuron draws his inspiration, to create poetic and unique pieces that...
December 19, 2022 Read the page
Pourquoi devons-nous augmenter nos prix en 2023 ? - Fleuron Paris

Why do we need to increase our prices in 2023?

Transparency is important to us and always will be. This is why we are doing this article, to explain to you the reasons why we need to increase our prices...
December 01, 2022 Read the page
Notre action auprès de la Fondation des femmes pour le Black for Good 2022 - Fleuron Paris

Our action with the Women's Foundation for Black for Good 2022

In November 2020, we shared our position on the “Black Friday” marketing event on this blog. And, two years later, it hasn't changed. As large-scale promotional actions approach, we reiterate...
November 21, 2022 Read the page
Fleuron dévoile un pop-up store exclusif au Bon Marché - Fleuron Paris

Fleuron unveils an exclusive pop-up store at Le Bon Marché

Le Bon Marché is celebrating its 170th anniversary this year. And on this occasion, the department store from the famous novel by Émile Zola “Au Bonheur des Dames” has completely...
September 02, 2022 Read the page
Cuir animal, végétal et végan : quelles différences ? - Fleuron Paris

Animal, vegetable and vegan leather: what are the differences?

Leather is one of the first materials to have been used by man from 10,000 to 5,000 years BC. Over time, we have been better able to understand and reveal...
June 09, 2022 Read the page
Fleuron dévoile son premier écrin physique à Paris - Fleuron Paris

Fleuron unveils its first physical store in Paris

A stone's throw from the famous Sentier district, nestles at 3 rue Saint-Fiacre, the brand new showcase of the Haute Maroquinerie house Fleuron. Our first boutique-showroom opened in April 2022...
April 04, 2022 Read the page
Qualité, savoir-faire et prix juste : un triple défi made in Italy - Fleuron Paris

Quality, know-how and fair price: a triple challenge made in Italy

At Fleuron, we are fascinated by the artisanal gestures that transform materials. We make it a point of honor to use exceptional leathers renowned for their quality and durability over...
December 10, 2020 Read the page
Non au « Black Friday », oui au « Green Friday » ! - Fleuron Paris

No to “Black Friday”, yes to “Green Friday”!

Imported from the United States, Black Friday is an annual promotional event that takes place a few weeks before the Christmas holidays. Every year, this event is awaited by millions...
November 20, 2020 Read the page
À la découverte de nos cuirs : une histoire d’amour pour les belles matières - Fleuron Paris

Discovering our leathers: a love story for beautiful materials

If there is one material that provokes a captivating sensory experience, it is undeniably leather! Used by early humans for clothing and protection from the cold, the use of leather...
October 11, 2020 Read the page