The world of botany harbors infinite colors and shapes. It is among the wonders of nature that Fleuron draws its inspirations, to create poetic and unique pieces that will accompany you every day, gently.

If leather goods can express this bustling universe in all its virtuosity, we wanted to explore another field of creative possibilities through an organic and age-old material: silk. Just like leather, this natural fiber is valued for its incomparable soft and silky touch, but also for its technical qualities, notably its strength and timeless beauty.

Our customers, who are a major inspiration for us, have wished to be able to add to their Fleuron collection silk scarves and accessories to perfectly match their bag. Just like our leather goods, we have applied the same values in the production process: using noble materials, offering a unique design reflecting the brand's universe while employing age-old craftsmanship.

After several months of sketches, prototypes, and exchanges, we are proud to unveil the first collection of scarves and headbands made of 100% pure silk manufactured in France. Our accessories are crafted by a workshop that holds more than 80 years of excellence in silk craftsmanship and is located in the historical textile basin of the Lyon region.




For these first pieces, we have created a floral design available in 3 color combinations emblematic of the Fleuron house, such as taupe, caramel, olive green, almond green, cobalt blue, mandarin, and fuchsia. Each of these colors offers a different imaginary and contrasts, suitable for both day and night...

Our scarves, in the form of 65x65cm squares, provide the final elegant touch to an outfit. They can be worn around the neck, as a bandana on the head, on the handle of a handbag, or even - why not! - as a belt. The edges are hand-rolled for unparalleled refinement.

Our silk headbands, on the other hand, are long, slender bands called "twill", in sizes 5x90cm or 5x120cm, to tie around the neck or on one's handbag. Twill is a weaving technique made in "twill weave", meaning that the weave forms diagonal stripes that highlight the color and enhance its lightness.

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