For Fleuron, every little detail counts, down to the very last.

In architecture, the fleuron is a plant-inspired ornament that perfects the peaks of a monument. Discreet, it is on him that the overall harmony rests.

In botany, it is a flower within a flower whose lines and curves influence the entire flowering. She reveals the secrets of her growth.

It is also and above all the most beautiful quality that we can attribute to someone. Very often, this reveals itself over time.

Our fine leather goods products are part of this philosophy of New Luxury, where each product appears simple, pure, harmonious through the quality of its details. Like a petal, they are both flexible and sturdy. Our materials are noble, sourced from excellent tanners, assembled in our Italian workshops before becoming everyday essentials.

The founder, like the flagship, reveals herself only half-heartedly, preferring to draw her inspiration under the Parisian sky. Its leather collections - from the curves of Magnolia to the airy elegance of Swann - are an interpretation of today's Parisian. Refined but natural. Proud but approachable. Beautiful or light, sometimes impertinent. And if we always end up falling under his charm, it's always thanks to a little nothing. A smirk. A detail.