La Délicatesse Bandeau 5x90cm

85 €

In this silent waltz, the flowers dance, their petals lifting like notes from a gentle, fleeting melody. Each movement captures a moment of pure grace, weaving a tapestry where nature reveals itself in its most poetic and delicate expression.

Evoking elegant simplicity, this palette in shades of taupe and beige embodies refinement and warmth. These colors, chosen for their natural softness and ease of blending, bring a touch of discreet sophistication to any accessory or piece of your wardrobe.

Carefully woven in Lyon, our 100% silk twill fabrics respect the tradition of classic silk squares. The twill weave technique gives the pieces a rich texture with diagonal stripes, highlighting the subtle shades while ensuring lightness and exceptional comfort.

Silk, precious and timeless, offers a unique sensory experience. Soft to the touch, it stands out for its insulating properties, providing a feeling of coolness in the heat and warmth on cooler days.

Dimensions : 90cm length x 5cm width
Weight : 9g
Composition : 100% silk twill
Manufacturing : France, Lyon region
Impression : inkjet
For this collection of scarves and headbands, we have selected an organic and centuries-old material: silk, a natural fiber with an incomparable soft and silky touch. In order to preserve its beauty, we recommend that you follow these few recommendations:
• keep it flat and untied.
• avoid contact with water or chemicals.
• entrust cleaning to a specialized professional.