La Délicatesse Carré 90x90cm

245 €

In this silent waltz, the flowers dance, their petals lifting like notes from a gentle, fleeting melody. Each movement captures a moment of pure grace, weaving a tapestry where nature reveals itself in its most poetic and delicate expression.

This 90x90 cm square, rendered in a palette of sober and elegant colors, is the very embodiment of sophistication. Its timeless design, adorned with a minimalist geometric pattern, makes it a versatile accessory capable of enhancing both a formal outfit and a more casual ensemble.

Crafted with care in renowned French workshops known for their expertise and attention to detail, this square is a true standard-bearer of luxury French craftsmanship. Each thread and stitch embody centuries of tradition and innovation in the textile art.

Made from the highest quality pure silk, this square offers an incomparably smooth texture and flawless drape. The silk, chosen for its natural sheen and thermoregulatory qualities, makes this square as pleasant to wear as it is to behold. Its fine and precise weave ensures durability and resistance that defy time, making this square a fashion heritage to be passed down.

Dimensions : 90cm x 90cm
Weight : 70g
Composition : 100% silk twill
Manufacturing : France, Lyon region
Impression : inkjet
For this collection of scarves and headbands, we have selected an organic and centuries-old material: silk, a natural fiber with an incomparable soft and silky touch. In order to preserve its beauty, we recommend that you follow these few recommendations:
• keep it flat and untied.
• avoid contact with water or chemicals.
• entrust cleaning to a specialized professional.