Lotion • Macadamia

20 €

Due to its properties, the Saphir Médaille d'or lotion is perfect for cleaning and nourishing all our grained and smooth calfskin without damaging it.

Thanks to its very high content of beeswax (28.9% of waxes), the incorporation of lanolin (fat secreted by the sheep throughout its life which permeates its fleece), the oil lotion Saphir Médaille d'or macadamia is recognized for its nourishing, rehydrating, softening, shiny and protective properties.

Dimensions : 13x6x3cm
Weight : 220g
Material : Formulation based on beeswax, macadamia oil and lanolin.
Capacity : 125ml
Do a test beforehand on a hidden part.
1. Brush the item with the horsehair brush to remove any dust
2. Apply the lotion using a soft cloth
3. Drying 5 mins
4. Polish using a chamois or soft cloth.